July 29, 2018
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This is going to be FUN!  Check it out if you're in the Calgary area!!!

This monthly workshop series is designed to build or rebuild your WCS from the dance floor up! Using the most current teaching methods we will grow your CONFIDENCE, COMFORT, CONNECTION and FLOW to make WCS even more FUN.

LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH, January 28 to May 27 with Dave Lawson and Laurie Shafer
AND then a SPECIAL Westie Workshop Weekend featuring Mario Robau on July 29th!

Workshops: Noon to 4pm
Guided Practice: 4 to 6 pm
15 hrs of Westie Workshops
+ 15 hrs of Guided Practice
+ 6 Mario Workshops

One on one attention!!!!
Limited class size...
Mentoring all month, every month!

5 months with Dave and Laurie plus a Mario weekend for $300/person or $275 each if a leader and a follower register at the same time.
To register or for more information contact laurie_shafer@hotmail.com or at FB Messenger.

Mario ‘Swing Daddy’ Robau:
- Top WCS Pro, Coach and Teacher for over 30 years
- Coached many of the most successful WCS dancers in the world
- Mario has significantly influenced WCS here in Calgary and throughout the world.

Dates for the Workshops
SUNDAYS - W3 Workshops - Noon to 4 pm
JAN 28 WW1
FEB 25 WW2
MAR 25 WW3
APR 29 WW4
MAY 27 WW5